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0100 Wholesale Ordering Requirements
Please Note:Because JACPA CERAMIC CRAFTSMEN & Nose Desserts® is a wholesale provider,we are required by law to sell wholesale only to customers who can provide doccumented federal and/or state tax registration identification.
0.00 each
0101 Your purchase Satisfaction is Guaranteed
Your purchase Satisfaction is Guaranteed!
0.001 each
0300 "NOSE DESSERTS ®" Fragrance Oil
"NOSE DESSERTS®" Premium Quality 100% Grade-A Fragrance Oils. Uses: Home & Auto,Auroma-Diffusers,scent candles,light rings,etc.Bottle contains 1/2-FL/OZ. of fragrance. Made In The USA.
* 2.25 each
0300CBX32 Nose Desserts® Premium Quality Fragrance Oil, 32pc-Display Box
Nose Desserts® 32pcs-Premium Fragrance Oils Countertop Display Box Includes:4 bottles each,your choice of any 8 scents from 24 Fragrance Oil Scents.You Get 32 bottles-1/2oz Fragrance Oils @ $1.88@ bottle in an attractive Color Display Box for only $60.00.
60.00 Display box of 32 bottles
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