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0729. Elongated Tear Drop Style Tobacco Pipe with Gold-Tone Leaf Design
Made in the USA Large 3.75 inch Elongated Spoon Shaped Tear Drop Style Tobacco Hand Pipe with Bright Gold-Tone Leaf 14-karat-Gold-Leaf Design by Nose Desserts Brand. This Hand held Tobacco Pipe is ergonomically contoured to comfortably fit your hand, it is completely hollow inside, will not get hot to the touch, and it is designed to be light weight and very sturdy for everyday uses. Dimensions: 3.75-inches Long x 1-3/8-inches-Wide x .75-inches-High. No two pieces are exactly the same, each one is unique, individually hand crafted by our individual artisans and there is color, surface detail and tonal variations in each one we handcraft. There are no robot-machines or automation involved in our hand made ceramic studio production, just the very skillful eyes, hands, and positive attitude of our ceramic artists! 100% Guaranteed Authentic made in the USA by Jacpa Ceramic Craftsmen / JC Crafts. New in Box, ships to you by our safe shipping packaging with our foam and bubble protection.
1 to 1   $ 8.00 each
2 to 3   $ 6.00 each
4 or more   $ 5.75 each

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