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Minimum Order: $50.00

0400B. Bulk Incense Nose Desserts® 24-fragrance Premium Display Package
HandDipped in the USA! Bulk Incense #0400-B only $183.00, Recieve 24 packs(100 sticks per pack)of the best selling fragrances thats 2,400 sticks! and 24 display jars with lables. PLUS the following items: Nose Desserts® store display sign, 200 incense bags + 3pcs wood incense burners in color display package! Sell the full line of Nose Desserts® Premium Quality Stick Incense, the best because we use the highest quality fragrances, use more fragrance oil per stick so our stick incense stays smelling fresher,longer. Our 11"inch sticks have 7-1/2"inches of the thickest fragrance coating resulting in burning times of 1 hour per stick. The intense fragrance smell on the stick is how they smell when the sticks are burned. True quality scent fragrances are rich, smooth, fragrant, succulent and delicious. Nose Desserts® Premium Quality Incense sticks are color coded on the ends of the incense sticks. This not only makes the display colorful, but also gives the customer a color code to the different fragrances. For the retailer this makes the display easy to maintain and identify the correct color sticks to their proper place for any sticks that may have been accidentally misplaced. Nose Desserts® Premium Quality Stick Incense is very competitively priced at a suggested retail price of $2.50 for 10 sticks, and your wholesale cost is only $0.60 per 10 sticks. Now that suggested retail price is 4 times your wholesale cost,what a great profit value! You will have satisfaction knowing that you're selling true Quality Nose Desserts® Incense that will bring you repeat customers back for more. Made Up To Quality, Not down to price. Smell The Difference!___________________________________________________________ *PLEASE CALL 1-800-477-7004 to pick your own 24 scents or, *Please type fragrance request from the list below in the comments section of your order. Choose 24 of the 44 available fragrance Scents: #0401-Black Love #0402-China Rain #0403-Coco Mango #0404-Cool Water #0405-Dragons Blood #0406-Drakkar #0407-Egyptian Musk #0408-Frankincense #0409-French Vanilla #0411-Hawiian Coconut #0412-Honeysuckle FDlower #0413-Jasmine #0414-Lavender #0415-Ocean #0416-Opium #0417-Orange Sunshine #0418-Patchouli #0419-Sandalwood #0420-Sea Breeze #0421-Sex on the Beach #0422-Wild Cherry #0424-Wild Strawberry #0428-Eternity #0431-Double Chocolate #0431-Peppermint Patti #0433-Apple Pie #0434-Cinnamon Bun #0436-Green Tea #0437-Hyacinth Flower #0438-Lilac Flower #0439-Obsession #0441-Cherry Vanilla #0442-Soda Pop #0443-Tranquil Mind #0445-Peach Delight #0446- Catch22 #0447-Peacful Life #0448-Nag Champa #0449-Hawaiian Plumeria #0450-Mind Garden #0451-Butt Naked #0553-Lick Me All Over #0454-Wet Kisses #0455-Hot Love
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