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    0100 Wholesale Ordering Requirements
    Please Note:Because JACPA CERAMIC CRAFTSMEN & Nose Desserts® is a wholesale provider,we are required by law to sell wholesale only to customers who can provide doccumented federal and/or state tax registration identification.
    0.00 each
    0100A Authorized Resale Channels
    Selling any Nose Desserts® products through third-party eCommerce platforms, including (but not limited to), 1, and, is NOT ALLOWED.
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    0101 Your purchase Satisfaction is Guaranteed
    Your purchase Satisfaction is Guaranteed!
    0.001 each
    0400A Bulk Incense NoseDesserts® Premium Incense 12 Scents BEST Package
    Hand Dipped in the USA! #0400A only $97.00,Receive 12 packs(100-pcs per pack)of our best selling fragrances(or choose your own 12 scents)and 12 display jars with labels, PLUS these items:Nose Desserts® store display sign,100 incense bags + 3pcs wood incense burners in color display package!
    99.99 Each Display
    0400F-DSP-18 Bulk Incense, Premium 3-Tier Wood Incense Display Rack
    Bulk Incense 3-tier wood display holds 18 incense jars (not included). This furniture quality display is an eye catching way to sell Nose Desserts® Incense.WEB SITE ORDER NOW, WHSLE PRICE OF $50.00 Shipped KD, assembly required.Display size: 24"H x 24"W x 12"D.
    80.00 each
    1442-1443 Pipe Knockers Heavy Glass Ashtrays
    Nose Desserts®: 6pc per Display Box- 3.25" Heavy Glass Ashtray, Pipe Knockers in assorted colors/designs;Hippie Art Designs/Colors,leafs,Mushrooms,Peace Signs.Size: 3-1/2"Dia x 1-3/3"H. $ALE-$ave WHSLE: $4.50 @ 6-pc/display box. Your cost only .75 each or less!
    *4.50 Box of 6
    2878-2882 Ceramic Hemp Leaf Ashtrays: Raised Design-High Detailed
    Ceramic Hemp Leaf Ashtrays:Raised Design-Highly detailed Gloss Glazed is made of high fired, top quality ceramic. Colorful hand painted decorated on raised-relief designs. Dimensions: 5" Diameter x 1-1/2"H. WEB SITE ORDER NOW-$AVE.
    *4.50 each
    3078 Mermaid Nymph: Stick Incense Burner
    SPECIAL DISCOUNT SALE: Mermaid Stick Incense Burner,Ashcatcher.Beautifully handcrafted,hand painted,made of durable polyresin,a highly detailed functional sculupture!Size:12-3/4"L x 2-1/4"W x 5"H.WEB SITE ORDER NOW & $AVE A MINIMUM 5% OFF THE LIST WHSLE PRICE OF:$10.50ea.
    *12.50 each
    3093001-2nd-Tier Human Skull-Exact Replica: Factory 2nd Tier-Good Quality
    Life-size Human Skull: Exact Replica Reproduction-Cheap Economy-Factory 2nd Tier-lower Fair~to~Good Quality.Broken and/or missing teeth,and/or skull/jaw discolorations.LOWER QUALITY FACTORY 2nds - SOLD AS-IS - NO RETURNS - NO REFUNDS - NO ADJUSTMENTS.
    49.99 each
    3102 Cylinder Tower Vase Black Porcelain 4" x 12" Factory 2nds
    Factory 2nds: Wholesale Lot Price 6-pcs per carton - individually boxed: Black Porcelain-Ceramic Cylinder Vase 11.75" inch High x 3.75" inch Diameter, made of High Fired Porcelain Ceramic, Black Gloss Color Glaze Finish.Factory 2nds, some glaze imperfections, crazing etc.
    *72.00 per 6-pcs
    Jacpa Ceramic & International Craftsmen / Nose Desserts ®
    PO Box 469; Harrison Michigan, 48625 USA
    *Phone: 989-539-9026

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